Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Jan 2014 Meta... According to Reddit

Hiya.  Welcome to my blog.  I started this site because I've noticed a lack of content available for competitive YuGiOh players on the internet. I'm not talking about strategy articles or dueling commentary videos; I'm talking about usable information that a duelist can utilize to help prepare for an upcoming event.  As ARG Opens and YCSes (maybe even a few regionals) conclude, be sure to check here to a breakdown of the decks that were played in an easy to digest format.

For my first post, I decided to try and test my format out using decks that people are planning on playing for the new format.  I will probably do this right before each new format as a little treat to go along with the breakdown of tournament results that you can expect throughout the year.  Below, you'll find a chart graphing the decks that people from the /r/YuGiOh subreddit plan on playing for Jan 2014 (pre-LVAL).

It's interesting to note that Fire Fists (10.3%) were clearly the most popular deck, distantly trailed by Mermails (8%).  Both of these decks are expected to have impacts on the competitive scene but I doubt many people expected them to be this popular.  Whether or not this popularity can translate into tournament results remains to be seen.  In contrast, Bujins (4.6%) and Prophecy (4.6%) both underperformed, capturing around half of the players compared to Fire and Water.  This is especially surprising for Prophecies, a deck that many people regard as the "best deck" going into the format.  Some fear that Prophecies and Bujins will dominate the tournament scenes come January which makes it very notable to see their relatively unpopular status within the /r/YuGiOh community.  Both Infernities (4.6%) and Constellars (4.6%) performed surprisingly well, each capturing the same amount of respondents as both Prophecies and Bujins.  Neither Infernities nor Constellars are expected to have significant showings at premiere tournaments so this popularity is most likely attributed to their cheap price tag (in contrast to both Bujins and Prophecies which are relatively expensive in comparison). Again, whether or not this discrepancy in popularity will translate into actual tournament results has yet to be seen. I'm also please to note the lack of any sort of Dragon Ruler deck in my results.  The deck certainly isn't dead but at least it won't be overwhelmingly popular anymore.  Perhaps the most striking information we can gather from this diverse (albeit small) data pool is /r/YuGiOh's 3rd most popular deck: Madolche (5.7%).  With an overwhelming number of respondents prepared to play Madolche next format, even before Legacy of the Valiant, it's quite possible that January has a dark horse in the form of these cute desserts.

Of course, please keep in mind that this information is solely based off of the /r/YuGiOh playerbase. Many of the players there do not play competitively and have had little-to-no tournament success.  This data is interesting but it shouldn't be especially helpful.  I merely wanted to make sure everything on the technical side was squared away.

Stop by this page soon for more in-depth looks at the upcoming meta. When I get concrete information from tournaments, I'll be able to do match-up breakdowns, win/loss ratios for decks, and much more! If you have any feedback or ideas, feel free to drop them down in the comments section below. Also, feel free to share this with your friends and teammates. The more people we have contributing to the site, the more helpful the information will be.  Be sure to keep this page bookmarked for more mete analysis and breakdowns!